February 3, 2020

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I've Written a Book! You can have it for free...

March 7, 2020

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One Mile Beginner's Swimming Workout for Fitness

January 7, 2017

Swimming is great for a full body workout, building strength through the resistance of the water, as well as developing CV fitness. However, not many people know how to plan a swimming session unless they have some sort of background in competitive swimming.


Try this session as a way of mixing up your new year's fitness regime! The total distance of the session is one mile (1600m or 64 lengths) but personally I think it's more enjoyable that a constant steady state 64 length swim! More experienced swimmers may be able to complete two sets of each of the main sets.



Warm up:

200m (8 lengths) mixed strokes - front crawl, breast stroke, back stroke


Main set 1:

- 50m (2 lengths) front crawl

- 50m kick (using a float/kick board)

- 50m pull (using a pull buoy)

- 50m drill

- Repeat once more straight through, no rest


Main set 2, all in front crawl as a medium/fast pace:

- Swim 50m, rest 10 seconds

- Swim 100m, rest 15 seconds

- Swim 150m, rest 20 seconds

- Swim 200m, rest 30 seconds

- Swim 150m, rest 20 seconds

- Swim 100m, rest 15 seconds

- Swim 50m


Cool down:

200m (8 lengths) again with a mixture of strokes at a steady pace. Stretch at the end of the session with special attention to the triceps, shoulder and lats.



Let me know what you think in the comments box below!!