My article got published!

So... last week I was browsing through the latest issue of the Football Medic & Scientist magazine from the Football Medical Association. Just having a quick flick through before sitting down and having a proper read. I noticed the Leeds Beckett University logo in the corner of a page. So this made me stop and read the heading...

"That looks familiar..."

A study to assess the efficacy of joint flossing in the ankle mobility of elite male football players

It's only my article on Joint Flossing in football!!

Poor ankle mobility was outlined as a major contributing factor to injury in professional football. These injuries were recorded both at the ankle and higher up the kinetic chain. Joint flossing involves the application of a rubber ‘flossing’ band applied as a compression around a joint while it is put through a full range of movement aiming to improve joint mobility. Due to the lack of scientifically published evidence on the protocol, a study was conducted on professional footballers to investigate the efficacy of flossing at the ankle joint.

You can read my full article at the Football Medical Association website.

FMA members can read the full article here.

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