How To Injury Proof Your Hamstrings (Soccer Supplement)

Updated: Feb 7

Hamstring injuries are common amongst footballers, especially those that have good pace as a major attribute to their performance (e.g. wingers and strikers). An injury audit by Ekstrand et al (2016) reported that hamstring strains are becoming increasingly more common, with a rise of 4% per year since 2001. 22% of all players that were included in the injury audit suffered at least one hamstring injury during a season. This may be down to a number of factors, such as the speed of the game increasing and fatigue caused by fixture congestion. However, there are a number of steps players at all levels can do to reduce their risk of hamstring injury.

Read the rest of my article on how to reduce hamstring injuries which is published here on Soccer Supplement's website.

Struggling with a hamstring injury? They often recur if not rehabbed effectively. Contact me here for advice or more information.

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