Injury Prevention: The Ankle

Ankle injury prevention programme. Follow this prehab programme 2-3 times per week to strengthen your ankles and avoid ankle sprains. Great for sports involving jumping/landing and quick changes of direction such as football, tennis, netball etc.

Perform 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps of each exercise.

Knee to wall stretch: Keeping your heel on the floor, push your knee forward to touch the wall. If you find it too easy, shuffle your foot back as far as you can go where you can still touch the wall and your heel remains on the floor.

Heel drop stretch: Slowly drop your heel down as far as you can stretch using a step. Hold it for three seconds and then push up onto your toes.

Single leg squats: Squat down as far as you can on one leg. Don't worry about getting all the way down to the floor. Keep the movement controlled throughout and concentrate on keeping your balance.

Balance board: Standing on a balance board, spell out the alphabet A-Z. If you are struggling to do this, simply aim to just keep your balance. If this is too difficult, stand on the board with two feet. No balance board? No Bosu ball? Use a pillow or simply stand on your bed! Anything with an unstable surface to test your balance.

Hop & hold: Hop in multiple directions and hold a cushioned landing for 2-3 seconds. Test yourself by hopping further distances. If you are struggling to hold the landing on one foot, start off hopping forwards and with shorter hops.

Cone pick-up: Standing on one leg, keeping your standing leg straight, reach down and place four cones around you as demonstrated in the video. When you have placed them all down, pick them up - keeping your other foot off the ground at all times.

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