TRAINING UPDATE: 2017 Pre-Training Body Composition Stats & Intro

Healthy Body Composition

I have decided to upload a weekly training diary of what I'm doing in 2017. I note my training anyway.. so I may as well upload it onto my blog so you can see what kind of training I am doing! It's easy for PT's to share ridiculously difficult workouts, but I'm not sure some of them would put themselves through it!!

Here are the stats from my pre-training body composition test at the start of 2017. I will update them every 8 weeks to monitor progress. I use the Tanita BC730 scales.

Date: 4th January 2017

Weight: 178.2lbs

Body Fat: 17.6%

Bone mass: 7.2lbs

Hydration: 56%

Muscle Mass: 139.6lbs

Physique Type: 5

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1963kcals

Metabolic Age: 24 yrs

Viceral Fat: 3.5%

I will upload another article soon explaining what the readings mean.

My main focus is to reduce body fat (following a combination of my winter hypertrophy phase, and the Christmas "bulk"!). I will be doing mostly HIIT style training with some compound lifts and for my cardio I'll be swimming (to attempt to get fit for my 9th summer with the RNLI!), football training and the odd dreaded run!

Wish me luck!!

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