September 23, 2019

Are you looking for sports massage in Skegness or surrounding areas? Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to relieve pain and tightness, and increase mobility. Soft tissue includes muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments a...

October 11, 2018

Apple's Health Kit app has two useful hidden features for Apple Watch users, that may help them monitor the way their body works and improve performance; VO2Max and Heart Rate Variability.

October 5, 2018

Tight muscles can be caused by a number of thing, however not all muscles are tight in the same way. It is important that you treat them the right way to avoid further damage.

May 10, 2018

What is the difference between a Sports Therapist and a Physiotherapist? We discuss both professions and how they cross over.

March 19, 2018

Shoulder injuries are common because of the range of movement available at the joint and the amount of muscles, ligaments and tendons that make up the joint.